Why are we so desperate?

They are a lot of reasons for that. And we become even more desperate when we have to admit that we do own and have everything what we need and a lot more,
but we still feel so unhappy.
The most simple explanation I would give to that is: we just do things that we actually don’t wanna do or which we feel that wasn’t right for us. But we still do it. This can be actions, spoken words, jobs…everything.
If we are honest to ourselves, we exactly know that it doesn’t feel a 100% right.
We totally lost the ability to listen to our inner voice. The voice which exactly knows what is right or not for us.
And this voice is a simple voice which only lives within the moment. It doesn’t care what you experienced before, what others might think or what could be in the future.
It just knows exactly what is true and right in this exactly moment.
But we are so distracted by all these things surrounding us, that we are totally lost in middle of it, searching for the emergency exit or someone who helps us to find out.
We are  all going totally crazy and loose the connection to the only truth – our inner voice.
Mostly when we can’t find the emergency exit (what is the case most of the time, as the exit is hidden by all this crowd and things), we do something what doesn’t feel right. We were influenced by the evil.
But we weren’t able to find another way to deal with it.
In the same time, your inner voice still wants to tell you: no that’s wrong! But as you already did it and you don’t want to take the responsibility of your acts (because you know it was the wrong path),  you try to keep the voice quiet in liquidate it with alcohol, drugs, never ending discussion to confirm yourself you were right as you become in a way unbearable to yourself.
Why not just listen to it and accept it?
To be honest to yourself, it’s a big step. Mostly, you will have to admit things that you really don’t want because you were lying to yourself all this time to hide the truth of your actions behind it.
But it’s the first step to do.
Then when you have to take decisions, you exactly know that’s right when it feels 100% right to you. And believe me, you will know that when it’s really right. Because it is the best feeling you can have.
You just naturally know that it is so right and it makes you happy and confident, even people would tell you the opposite!
As a little tip: You hear your inner voice best when you’re in stillness. alone – without any other distractions.
Actually it would be so easy to be happy, but we have a lot to clean up before…
More to come on that.
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