I have a lot to say and it’s time to do something. Actually I have this impulse since a very long time – a very very long time, but I always stopped myself to start, just because I thought that no one would even be interested in that.
Rather we are interested how we look like and what other think about us. How important we are and what others do wrong. And I’m not an exception. We’re all coming from the same world – the first world.
But we have to change this world, now- and it’s not gonna change if we wait for it.
There is a lot happening, and we all can feel that something is wrong.
We do evil things, we are selfish in terms that we keep preciously our resources for ourselves instead of sharing, we are laughing when other fail, we are jealous, we find problems and enemies everywhere and in anything. We are in war with our friends, with our neighbours, with the pigeon in the street and even with ours families. In fact we are in war with ourselves.
We are totally separated from our environment. Instead of helping others and share we prefer to have more and more for ourselves. And so we sit on our mountains of gold and are even proud to show it while others are starving.
But in the same time, we want to be happy and feel fulfilled and get love from the world. how paradox that is.
And why did we come to this point?
Well, I wish I could give you the answer to that. I can’t. This probably goes long time back in history and it just became worse and worse. The world is getting destroyed, animals, kids, women and men killed.
And not only by weapons – they are killed because they don’t have enough to eat and we just watch and we do nothing about it. So we kill them – even if it’s in a passive way.
Everywhere in the internet we can find posts, wisdoms and videos trying to explain why we are like this, why we’re doing all that to try to understand from where it comes from.
But honestly – where is the value to know where it comes from? We are here and now and we are the generation to make a change. Honestly, I only can tell you that if we don’t change, our kids won’t live long on this planet.
In killing all animals, in poisoning water and air, in destroying ourselves.
However, if you feel like you can’t change anything about that, than no one will. We can’t wait that someone will once – hopefully – maybe. If we don’t, the world will force us to change. And I predict, this will be painful for a lot of people.
To start to do something is actually very easy. Just start in your own life. Stop to hate others, think about what you buy. Do you really need this amount of food which ends mostly in waste in your bin? Do you need clothes in 3 different colours?
Do you really want to eat chicken that was held under horrible circumstances? Do you really realise that soon our oceans are empty? That we are fishing all fishes out of the oceans which at the end ends up in the bin because our first world eyes were
bigger than our stomachs? Do you really need to do bad just because you feel bad yourself? Do you really need to take revenge on others?
Do you realise that everything goes in circles and everything we do, we do to ourselves? What we do to our planet, we do to ourselves. What we do to other persons, we do to ourselves and even if it’s taking revenge – it’s just never ending.
You did something to me? I do the same to you, so I have the right to do again something to you and so on and so on.
Just let’s kill ourselves immediately then. It’s quicker and so it’s done.
That’s why whatever you do bad, will always come back to you. This is the rule of life. You will never ever be a separated part of it. It’s either you change something or you go under with it.
Start to be aware of what you do, and you already did a lot.
In love.

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