News from London

  Time is running so fast.

After a couple of weeks in London, I just realised that even if London is a cool and creative place, I needed my time to settle and being comfortable with all these energies around.

London is a huge city, with a lot of people and honestly, it needs some time when you’re moving from a quiet little place like Switzerland is to a huge city. It’s like having been raised in Hyde Park for 25 years  and then coming out to Oxford Street for the first time. It is just a bit overwhelming.

So yes, after falling and walking into doors a couple of times, I decided to change strategy and find myself first in this huge city, before doing anything else 😉

So I allowed myself to have some time to find my place in here. To find my center in which I can save all this energy. Attached you may find a little drawing of my thoughts 😉

Anyways, now it’s going better and better and not far from now, I will be really ready to draw from the best.

From now on, I will post here what I am, my lyrics, what I create from what I see and experience.

so you’re always welcome to come over here and have a look. Have a great journey!

Aurélia Marine

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