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ABNE 2013

The rational soul (human being) – my experiment on Intuition vs. Rationality

I was looking for a kind of a life formula which would combine intuition and rationality to help to take important decision easily and with the necessary confidence, since I believe that being confident in making the right choice for oneself and for others (as we are sociable human beings) and to do it means happiness.
In seeing all this spirtual wisdoms and the apparently right ways to live to be happy, it suggested to me that you are either spiritual or a rational asshole without emotions.
At this point I’d like to say: pay attention on what you believe. Because although we say that all the bad what is happening in the world nowadays is due
to what ’they’ inculcated us, ’they’ can still have us with spiritual words. So be aware what you choose to believe what others suggest. But this is a topic for itself.
So I’ve been trying out the rationality and the intuition state to an extreme extent.
Version 1: Only living by the soul and intuition
By only listening to intuition, means I had to connect completely with my soul  and would only do what my intuition would tell me to do, I could stand behind my choices and would know that this would be of sure my pure essence. Still I had the problem that in only fullfilling my pure essence (For understanding I’d like to add that my pure essence maybe doesn’t care about paying my assurance bill), I could hardly give attention to materalistic matters. Even if I wanted to and knew I should to be able to survive, these things had to fight against my true essence which would whisper to me that everything matters but materalistic things.
Sometimes I wouldn’t have things done just because there was nothing like a hurry to do so nor a feeling of time.
My body needs just felt like they would be in my way, because there would be far more important things in life. Everything was superfluous. I would even sleep in the streets just because I felt like it doesn’t matter really. My only focus was to nourish my spirit and to live for that. I lost completely the notion of time and environment I lived in. I changed completely, very much in appearance and I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable within society.
To survive in such a state,  you must at least have someone which assures your bodily needs, providing you with food and security because the spirit, the soul dosen’t need those things.
That must be the reason why one become a monk or a nun.
I assume in continuing this way I would end up as a homeless or as a nicer version I would go to the jungle to live on my own with nature under my coconut tree and animals would be my only friends.
Version 2: Only living by rationality
In trying to only be rational, I would try to take decisions based on logic and would listen to the logic of others as I didn’t have a feeling of being certain in a lot of my rational decisions. Everything what I’ve been doing so far, things and events I could identify myself with, just made no sense anymore.
Things I would do due to an intuition, would  appear to be complete nonsense in my rational thinking. My logic couldn’t find any reasonable reason to do it.
I couldn’t live out any of my emotions anymore. I was focussing to just give the logic action to my thoughts (which were not my real intentions as I would listen to others suddelny what I would rarely do before while listening to intuition).
At this time I could attain almost everything I was seeking. But on the way, I lost completely connection to my true feelings.
As I still felt to nourish something else than just my body and to be a logic machine, I began to nourish the wrong type of feelings, which was my ego. I dind’t find anything else really as I lost connection to my inner myself.
Honestly this state turned out to be worse than version no. 1 (living the soul). I was not only loosing myself, my real me and couldn’t stand myself anymore. I got the sense that this was all wrong and would feel like a dead person or let’s say soul (Like people use to say, they feel dead in the inside). Something like: I dead soul in a kind of functionable body.
In that time I’d say I was just a 30% myself and I would put a lot of effort in being something I wasn’t.
Conclusion: Nor by only listening to rationality and neither by only listening to my  intuition I couldn’t be really happy. It is for sure that there must be a coherence between these two. There must be a reason why we’re not only souls and not only functionable bodies. Maybe that’s here where the mind, the thinking  plays its main role.
As a matter of fact, none of both is working without the other. Still I felt I was a lot more myself in version 1 as a spiritual being than being only logical and rational. After all that, it’s of my certainty that we have to combine what we are as a human being, a so called rational soul and bring our soul as a
leader of what we intend to be and to do in form of intuition, adjusted by some rationality in a smaller amount to have the appropriate conclusion of a situation and therefore take the right action.
If we find a way to keep both in healty relation to each other and to be able to take decisions, which fullfill all our desires as a human being in a healthy amount and ratio, we would be happy.
I could go far more into details and tell you a lot of stories with it, but I assume this would only confuse more than help anyone. There is no formula or experiment as such which can be exerted to anyone with the exact same result.
Furthermore it’s important to understand the definition of soul and rationality to understand what I’m trying to say.
I also would like to add that I’m still experimenting on this.

Why are we so desperate?

They are a lot of reasons for that. And we become even more desperate when we have to admit that we do own and have everything what we need and a lot more,
but we still feel so unhappy.
The most simple explanation I would give to that is: we just do things that we actually don’t wanna do or which we feel that wasn’t right for us. But we still do it. This can be actions, spoken words, jobs…everything.
If we are honest to ourselves, we exactly know that it doesn’t feel a 100% right.
We totally lost the ability to listen to our inner voice. The voice which exactly knows what is right or not for us.
And this voice is a simple voice which only lives within the moment. It doesn’t care what you experienced before, what others might think or what could be in the future.
It just knows exactly what is true and right in this exactly moment.
But we are so distracted by all these things surrounding us, that we are totally lost in middle of it, searching for the emergency exit or someone who helps us to find out.
We are  all going totally crazy and loose the connection to the only truth – our inner voice.
Mostly when we can’t find the emergency exit (what is the case most of the time, as the exit is hidden by all this crowd and things), we do something what doesn’t feel right. We were influenced by the evil.
But we weren’t able to find another way to deal with it.
In the same time, your inner voice still wants to tell you: no that’s wrong! But as you already did it and you don’t want to take the responsibility of your acts (because you know it was the wrong path),  you try to keep the voice quiet in liquidate it with alcohol, drugs, never ending discussion to confirm yourself you were right as you become in a way unbearable to yourself.
Why not just listen to it and accept it?
To be honest to yourself, it’s a big step. Mostly, you will have to admit things that you really don’t want because you were lying to yourself all this time to hide the truth of your actions behind it.
But it’s the first step to do.
Then when you have to take decisions, you exactly know that’s right when it feels 100% right to you. And believe me, you will know that when it’s really right. Because it is the best feeling you can have.
You just naturally know that it is so right and it makes you happy and confident, even people would tell you the opposite!
As a little tip: You hear your inner voice best when you’re in stillness. alone – without any other distractions.
Actually it would be so easy to be happy, but we have a lot to clean up before…
More to come on that.
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I have a lot to say and it’s time to do something. Actually I have this impulse since a very long time – a very very long time, but I always stopped myself to start, just because I thought that no one would even be interested in that.
Rather we are interested how we look like and what other think about us. How important we are and what others do wrong. And I’m not an exception. We’re all coming from the same world – the first world.
But we have to change this world, now- and it’s not gonna change if we wait for it.
There is a lot happening, and we all can feel that something is wrong.
We do evil things, we are selfish in terms that we keep preciously our resources for ourselves instead of sharing, we are laughing when other fail, we are jealous, we find problems and enemies everywhere and in anything. We are in war with our friends, with our neighbours, with the pigeon in the street and even with ours families. In fact we are in war with ourselves.
We are totally separated from our environment. Instead of helping others and share we prefer to have more and more for ourselves. And so we sit on our mountains of gold and are even proud to show it while others are starving.
But in the same time, we want to be happy and feel fulfilled and get love from the world. how paradox that is.
And why did we come to this point?
Well, I wish I could give you the answer to that. I can’t. This probably goes long time back in history and it just became worse and worse. The world is getting destroyed, animals, kids, women and men killed.
And not only by weapons – they are killed because they don’t have enough to eat and we just watch and we do nothing about it. So we kill them – even if it’s in a passive way.
Everywhere in the internet we can find posts, wisdoms and videos trying to explain why we are like this, why we’re doing all that to try to understand from where it comes from.
But honestly – where is the value to know where it comes from? We are here and now and we are the generation to make a change. Honestly, I only can tell you that if we don’t change, our kids won’t live long on this planet.
In killing all animals, in poisoning water and air, in destroying ourselves.
However, if you feel like you can’t change anything about that, than no one will. We can’t wait that someone will once – hopefully – maybe. If we don’t, the world will force us to change. And I predict, this will be painful for a lot of people.
To start to do something is actually very easy. Just start in your own life. Stop to hate others, think about what you buy. Do you really need this amount of food which ends mostly in waste in your bin? Do you need clothes in 3 different colours?
Do you really want to eat chicken that was held under horrible circumstances? Do you really realise that soon our oceans are empty? That we are fishing all fishes out of the oceans which at the end ends up in the bin because our first world eyes were
bigger than our stomachs? Do you really need to do bad just because you feel bad yourself? Do you really need to take revenge on others?
Do you realise that everything goes in circles and everything we do, we do to ourselves? What we do to our planet, we do to ourselves. What we do to other persons, we do to ourselves and even if it’s taking revenge – it’s just never ending.
You did something to me? I do the same to you, so I have the right to do again something to you and so on and so on.
Just let’s kill ourselves immediately then. It’s quicker and so it’s done.
That’s why whatever you do bad, will always come back to you. This is the rule of life. You will never ever be a separated part of it. It’s either you change something or you go under with it.
Start to be aware of what you do, and you already did a lot.
In love.

giving up

I found a good post about giving up and change your life.

I really like that. Text by Jonathan. Source:


Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem. Sometimes the smartest choice is giving up.

I don’t think that giving up should be your primary method for dealing with problems. But there are certainly a lot of cases where it just seems to be the most intelligent answer.

The more I stop trying to force things to happen, the more they just seem to sort themselves out. The more I let things happen, the less time I spend trying to make them happen.

Giving up is really about honoring your feelings. It’s about giving up trying to force yourself into a mold of societal shoulds and embracing your true self.

So here’s an invitation to…

  • Give up trying to be cool.
  • Give up your golden handcuffs.
  • Give up wanting to be a famous musician, artist, architect, thinker, writer, whatever-it-is. Maybe it’s smarter to make your purpose to have an impact, instead.
  • Give up wanting to be different for the sake of being unique.
  • Give up trying to be perfect.
  • Give up keeping relationships with people you don’t really like.
  • Give up trying to be the center of attention.
  • Give up trying to be important. (Focusing on community is usually more fulfilling.)
  • Give up achieving a lot of ego-driven goals.
  • Give up trying to be super-focused. Sometimes the most compelling ideas come from the most messy, unexpected sources.
  • Give up trying to be indie.
  • Give up trying to popular.
  • Give up caring about owning a lot of cool things, which keep you distracted from acknowledging that you don’t like what you’re doing with your life.
  • Give up trying to have a perfectly organized workspace and a zero inbox.

With that said, there are a lot of ways we think we’re doing good, but we’re really not.

Counter-intuitive to what you think, it might make more sense to…

  • Give up trying to be super happy all the time. Instead, settle for being peaceful.
  • Give up needing a reason to share your love. Being alive is reason enough.
  • Give up trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Give up trying to fit the mold of your race, astrological sign, job title, religious group, political party or other erroneous associations.
  • Give up caring about being the smartest, best and fastest. At least don’t let your ego get caught up in it.
  • Give up caring about “being a man” or “being a woman.” Or doing what is expected of your gender.
  • Give up sacrificing your life for an expensive degree that makes you feel important.
  • Give up trying to be ultra productive, especially if productivity is making you miserable.
  • Give up caring about having a respectable job, a respectable resume, and a respectable life. Replace following a template, with freestyling life.
  • Give up trying to constantly improve yourself. Sometimes too much self improvement can cause you to lose sight of the present.
  • Give up caring about doing what works.
  • Give up thinking you don’t have the time or skills to make your dreams a reality.
  • Give up caring about knowing everything in advance before you take action. Put yourself on auto-response instead.
  • Give up trying to always find interesting experiences and interesting things to do. Alternatively, be interesting and be interested.
  • Give up trying to live up to the expectation of your parents, your friends, your boss, and peers.
  • Give up trying to live up to the expectation of… yourself.
  • Give up trying to have a flawless body, perfect face, or an impeccable wardrobe. Care more about beautifying your mind and being a person who takes beautiful actions.

Trying to make things happen all the time creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety. It’s stressful trying to deny what is.

When I give up, I accept life as it is. No strings attached. No wishing things were different. If an action needs to be taken, I take it. But I’ve given up letting my happiness be dependent on a thing.

Most of these problems only exist within our minds. They’re not real physical problems; they’re simply psychic, imagined obstacles.

It’s interesting how we seem to have so many problems, so many dilemmas. But most of the time the answer to solving them is doing nothing. Giving up

what is right or not

It’s funny how we do things which don’t feel right at all but we still do it – and then there are things which feel right to us but we find 100 reasons to not do it.


All my efforts to fit into society extremely failed.
I fear I have to find another activity.

What is it all about? – the story.

A man, which I just met at this time, told me:

‘what is it all about?’

I deliberately use the word tell, as he didn’t await any answer to that question.

‘what is it all about? that is the story you should tell’ he continued.

This 57 years old man, strong as a Spartan, is carrying heavy furniture by himself walking up the stairs, where other younger man would give   up.

He is the will and the power itself. And it seems to me there is nothing strong enough to be able to stop him. Just Eddy himself.

Drawing “The flow of energy”

I woke up this morning and had the inner drive to draw today – what I did.

Just without thinking, I did what I felt, what it felt right to me, what my intuition told me to do. Myself still half sleepy and dizzy, I realised this drawing within 2min.

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